A Complete Guide to FIFA 16
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A Complete Guide to FIFA 16

Every year FIFA game will always compose new strategy guides to assist gamers to become world-class and all-around better players by improving certain aspects of their game. Go to http://fifa16coinsfree.net and learn how to win the game. However, when you lack these skills and strategies, you might find it hard to play the new FIFA 16.

Guide to FIFA 16 that you must know

1. Know how to make correct passFIFA 16

Passing accuracy is key when you want to beat your opponent. You should know FIFA 16 attacking strategies that would help you beat the defenders of the final third of play to score a goal. With a killer pass to your top strikers, you will be certain of scoring a goal.

2. Understand your game plan

The game plan ranges from passing skills, shooting and corners, long shots and the ball possession in the game. With information on how to counterattack the game plan of the opponent, you will learn on how to be the best when playing as you increase your chances of beating your opponents.

You must know how to change the game plan when playing the opponents depending on the field existing strategies. A game plan must be dynamic since it changes from time to time during the 90 minutes of play.

3. Control the game

If you want victory in the game, you must be willing to learn skills on how to buy better players by building a strong squad that is capable of challenging the best teams in FIFA 16. You must buy gifted players who will stand out when playing the opponents thus increasing your chances of winning a match.

4. Know FIFA 16how to deal with the free and spot kicks

Dealing with the free and spot kicks can be the edging factor to beat your opponents. Your players should know how to combat all situations by clearing the ball from the dangerous spots on the pitch. Your star player must know how to score from these free and spot kicks.

5. Have an excellent goalkeeper

A goalkeeper is the last man standing at the goal to stop the opponent from scoring. You must train your goalkeeper well to stop shots of the opponents from entering in the net of your team. This will increase your chances of winning a game when playing an opponent in FIFA 16.

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