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Best Country to Live a Green Life

It is about time that everyone realized how almost everything that you take from earth is not going to be there forever. A lot of things like gas and oil are limited resources, and you have been treating it as if you have an infinity amount of it. Even the earth and the sun will have an end where they ran out of energy. And if you wish for your grandchildren to live a life that you know right now, you need to start thinking about the impact of your lifestyle on the environment and how can you make it better. Unfortunately, not every country supports the idea of green living, and it might be hard for some people to do it if you have no way of getting the things that you need. Here are some countries that are suitable for people that want to live a greener lifestyle.


This country is known to have the best sustainable energy system, the amount of renewable energy that they have is remarkable compared to any other countries in the world, especially if you decide to line in Hannover where it is known to be the center of tech in the country. Save some money and buy a prefab house there for a comfortable, quiet, and peaceful life.


japanIt is no secret that Japanese way of living is unique and green. The people care a lot about the environment and want to have as little footprints as possible from their lifestyle. But you might need to live in the countryside to experience what it feels like to harvest the full potential of nature without hurting mother earth.


Another country on the northern side of the world where they preserve natural habitat and use renewable energy as much as they can is Sweden. People that prefer winter over summer and enjoy living in quiet and small communities would find Sweden as the best place to call home. Though they are not as advanced as German, Sweden has still considered far ahead of any other country.


Marina BayAs one of the fastest developing country in economy and technology, Singapore is a small country that is very disciplined in their effort to become green. They do not have a lot of natural resources, to begin with, and this is probably the reason why they have made a large effort to have more greens on the building, streets, and all over the country in general.

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