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jiffy bags
Jiffy Bags – Providing Shipping And Storage Solution

Jiffy bags are quite a popular type of envelopes for courier and postal shipments. These bags have a special layered design. Its first layer is of great quality craft paper that is connected to bubble wrap. The bubble wrap is usually the second layer of the bag. It’s layered material offers protection to insert from various negative external factors such s moisture, extreme temperatures, shock, and dust. The bag can be enclosed with convenient self-adhesive tape.

These bags are now the modern worry-free solution. It can be used to send delicate items via the postal system. They can also be used for storage purposes. In such case, you are assured that your items are fully intact. These bags with sealed air are perfect for sending jiffy bags fragile items within a company. In any case, these bags are ideal for anything fragile and valuable.

They are durable and lightweight packages that are ideal for: audio cassettes, CD/DVD discs, documents, tapes, magazines, mobile phones, jewelry, frames, paintings, toys, clothing, souvenirs, and other items. You can easily print on their surface, writing with a marker, or pasting stamps. In addition, adhesive labels are ideal for writing. You can find these bags in different sizes.

You can also custom order these bags. The bags can be innovatively designed to match corporate identity of your business. It is possible to order non-standard size. You free to choose any color and density. The entire surface of the bag can be filled with images and information about your company. Choose the color that matches jiffy bags your business stationery and cards. Manufacturers can print the bags on one or both sides. There are many other options for custom envelopes. You can combine some in same envelopes. Below are some examples

Tamper evidence seals
These envelopes are designed to prevent unauthorized access to the item. Most have a black inner lining that makes them opaque. These items are great for mailing important documents by individuals or businesses.

Heavy-duty envelopes
They offer the highest level of protection from tearing, moisture, and punctures. The packages are made of the water-resistant and tear-resistant material. The upper layer is usually paper. The packages can be used by a business, which want to emphasize their brand. A good example of businesses that use these bags are investment banks.

There also envelopes with windows. These give you access to see inside. They are perfect for sending brochures and magazines as they attract the attention of addresses.

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