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kinky hair
Facts to Know About Afro Kinky Natural Hair Extensions

Kinky curly hair extensions, commonly referred to as afro kinky hair extensions are among the most popular among women looking to increase the volume of their hair while still maintaining a natural look. That is because they are a bit thicker in texture compared to other types of extensions. They come in a variety of styles, including loose curls, wavy, and straight patterns.

The Extensions Retain Their Curls

The natural hair used to make the kinky curly extensions usually go through a unique process that is designed to make them curly and thick. The process includes a special treatment that ensures the kinky curly texture remains intact, even after being used for extended periods. You can also wash the natural extension and use various natural hair products, such as hair conditioners and moisturizers, without destroying the curls. You do not have to worry about your hair looking all messed up when you go swimming, get caught in the rain and wind, or engage in a workout or sporting activity.

The Curls Can Be Straightened

If you want, you can straighten out the curls so that the extensions give you a straight hair look. A majority of people usually straighten their extensions after wearing them a couple of times, giving an impression of a new hairdo. Straightening the curls is very easy, with any heating tool being able to do the job. To get a more versatile look, you can consider using a blow-drier. When trying to straighten the curls, however, you need to be aware that high temperatures may result in permanent changes in curl patterns.

The Extensions Can Be Added To Any Hair Texture

Anyone, irrespective of hair texture, can use afro kinky natural hair extension. The only thing that you will have to do is use rollers or a barreled curling tool on your hair. Make curls on your hair that will replicate those of the extensions regarding the size. You then integrate the extensions to your hair to increase hair volume and attain a perfect look.woman with curly hair

The Curls May Get Frizzy Over Time

The curls of the afro kinky extensions may become frizzy, tangle, or knotted, over time. That should not worry you much as the extension can still work well. All you need to do is use a fizz fighting product such as a mousse and take proper care of the extensions for the smooth and sleek curls to return.