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laser tattoo removal
Tips For Faster Recovery After Tattoo Removal

The majority of people have tattoos on their bodies they regret getting. Fortunately, the advancement in technology has made it possible to remove mistakes from your skin. With dermatology, you can remove any tattoo you want from your body. Laser tattoo removal process involves fracture of colored pigments that make up a tattoo using lasers. Lasers are machines that emit a high-intensity beam of light. However, this procedure can result in some side effects. You can prevent skin infections, undesirable side effects, and changes in skin texture by following aftercare instructions from your dermatologist.

Keep the area dry and clean
It is common to experience some side effects after undergoing laser tattoo removal. Some of the common effects include swelling, redness, tenderness, bruising, blistering, and hyperpigmentation. laser tattoo removal To speed up the healing process, gently clean affected area with water and mild soap. Pat this area dry after the bath, cleansing, or shower.

Deal with blisters
You need to deal with them wisely. If the tattoo is new, or dense with ink, you may experience some blistering after treatments. This is the same case with a highly sensitive skin. Blistering occurs on the top layer of skin and can last for about five days. However, you need to take care and avoid disturbing them during the healing period. In case, the blister becomes very painful, you can puncture it using sterilized needle. Allow blisters to drain and apply an antibiotic.

Dealing with pain
Some patients can experience mild discomfort after the treatments. The discomfort is similar to sunburns. You can reduce it by applying cool compresses that reduce swelling and inflammation of your skin. Also, you can use pain relief medications. However, you should avoid using aspirin as it may increase your risk of bruising and bleeding.

Soft, loose clothing is recommended. Tenderness and redness of treatment area are very common. In fact, these side effects can last up to 72 hours after undergoing the procedure. Redness is a sign laser tattoo removal that the skin is very sensitive. Therefore, you should handle it with caution. Loose clothing avoids friction of the skin. Also, soft clothing does not irritate the skin.

Do not pick
Avoid touching or picking the area. Though you may be tempted as it becomes itchy or irritated. Sometimes, the hands carry harmful bacteria that can infect your skin. Also, picking can result in permanent scarring. Avoid shaving affected area until your skin heals completely.

Following above tips, recovery can be fairly quick and risks of infection quite low.…