Best Tyres For A Small Car

tyresWhich car tyres are safe for a small car?

Whether you are fond of driving on dirt roads or smooth highways, the car tyres on your car are vital to a reliable drive and safety. The tyre brands and labels in the market will always be appealing since every manufacturer is always aiming to get the best out of sales.

But, if you don’t like inconveniences and accidents then you need to take your time and find the right tyre for your small car.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a car tyre, but if efficiency and safety are your number one target, then you might want to consider stability, durability and tread life. Price should play a little role in your choosing especially if you don’t like to miss out on important occasions. To answer the question, which car tyres are good for a small car? Here are some of the top 4 2015 best tyres for a small car.


If you are looking for a smooth, quiet drive, then you should stop nowhere but Continental ContiProContact SSR tyre. Designed for maximum performance, ContiProContact SSR tyre can withstand rough roads, drifts on the tarmac road and most importantly lasts longer compared to other tyres on the market. It is easy to handle and braking on wet surfaces isn’t an issue.

ContiProContact’s central rib is designed in such a way that it reduces noise while driving. It also comes with an optimised shoulder lug stability designed to respond faster to steering that handles stability while driving despite the speed and the type of road you are driving on.


General Altimax Rt receives lots of credits from those who like stylish driving. It is among the best tyres for modern small cars and according to car fanatics, this tyre delivers best when it comes to performance and comfort. It comes with visual alignment indicators that make it durable.

The General Altimax RT also comes with Replacement Tyre Monitor that indicates the tread wear of tyre hence the need of replacement. It is also designed to provide a quite smooth drive that is quite vital for a comfortable long drive.


Known for superior grip and high traction needed during wet weather, Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 proves quite efficient when it comes to controls, drifts on the wet surface and more. It comes with a Versa Load technology that required for steady handling, comfort and most importantly reduces the chances of tread wear.

The tread design makes it efficient in all conditions and also provides a perfect grip on the road needed for safe driving. It also comes with a Circumferential tread grooves that work best when it comes to wet traction. Dunlop Grand trek AT20 is also known to provide quiet, smooth drive making it perfect for a long drive.

  1. HANKOOK OPTIMO H724tyres

Known to be the only answer to higher speeds, the Hankook Optimo H724 proves quite beneficial when it comes to handling, quiet driving and comfort. According to consumers, the Hankook Optimo H724 is among the most affordable, highly convenient tyre compared to other tyres in the market.

It is durable, comes with Hankook’s technology and the best part is that it is also lighter. Getting the Hankook Optimo H724 for your car means a lifetime experience of smooth, quiet and comfortable performance and the fact that it is affordable makes it worth buying.

In summary, choosing the right car tyre means getting something that will deliver best when it comes to handling. It is also important to consider the tread life to avoid inconveniences such as punctures and more. Durability and performance of a tyre depend on the type of car you are driving, the size of the car and most importantly the type of road you are fond of. So before you make a purchase of a tyre for your small car you should first be able to answer the question, which car tyres are good for a small car? And the correct answer is the top 4 best car tyres as listed above.

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